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Tomasz Pompowski’s work on the seminal events which led to the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the victory of the West in the Cold War is truly breathtaking in its scope and coverage.  Based on multiple interviews with participants on all sides and original archival research, Pompowski has detailed how the president of the United States, the Pope and a labor movement in Poland collaborated to drive the first nail into the coffin of Soviet communism.  Pompowski’s book will serve for many years as the principal source on this subject.

Dr. Norman A. Bailey
Adjunct Professor of Economic Statecraft
Institute of World Politics

Former Special Assistant to President Reagan for National Security Affairs, 1981 to 1984.


In uncovering through meticulous research several neglected factors in the fall of the Soviet empire, Tomasz Pompowski has made an invaluable contribution to the history of the Cold War.

Norman Podhoretz, author “Why Jews Are Liberals?”

“Commentary” Editor in Chief from 1960 to 1995

Former Advisor to US Information Agency, 1981 to 1987


For a long time, Tomek Pompowski has been a journalist doing some of the best reporting and writing on the Cold War and the collapse of the Evil Empire. Now, at last, Tomek Pompowski has collected his thoughts in this long-awaited and much-needed book. Tomek has identified the pivotal forces in the fall of communism, from Ronald Reagan to Pope John Paul II to Solidarity—all undergirded by a common commitment to the Christian faith and to confront Soviet evil. Communism’s Achilles heel was its militant atheism. What Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, Solidarity, and others realized—and Tomek includes those others as well—was that God and faith could prevail over the forces of evil and darkness. This books tells that story. We should all be grateful to Tomek for writing it.

Dr Paul Kengor, historian

Autor of “The Crusader”, “God and Ronald Reagan”


Pompowski’s book is an important contribution to our understanding of the decline of Communism in Eastern Europe. For anyone who wants to understand the social mechanisms that support freedom, Pompowski is a must read.

Jeff Nyquist, sovietologist, journalist

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