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On Author

Tomasz Pompowski – journalist, essayist and translator. He travelled as a reporter to more than twenty countries. He witnessed history being born during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, last days of the John Paul II pontificate in Rome and during recent presidential elections in the USA. He interviewed numerous prominent heroes of current world history.

He co-established the first, christian radio in Poland after the collapse of communism.

He was co-translator of Reinardt Bonnke “Plundering Hell” and David Yonggi Cho “Prayer” into Polish.

He co-produced documentary about the Hare Krishna movement from Christian point of view.

His articles appeared in various Polish and Western media such as The London Times and He also appeared in Radio Svoboda. He was the opinion editor of Polish daily newspaper Polska The Times. He worked for Fakt (German tabloid Bild’s sister newspaper). He worked as the opinion page co-editor at Dziennik. He was also the political reporter of Polish national Catholic Radio Plus.

In 2004 he co- established and co- edited journal of ideas Europa published by Axel Springer.

He authored several articles on the Cold War history including about the communist intelligence services involvement in the assassination attempt on John Paul II based on the unique interviews and new documents.

He was a researcher and co-producer of Nine Days That Changed The World by the former USA House Speaker Hon. Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista. The documentary proves that without John Paul II political involvement the Solidarnosc would not exist. Thus the fall of the Iron Curtain would probably not take place in the end of 1980s.

In 2008 he was a guest speaker at the Young America’s Foundation conference. He explained the Christian input into the collapse of the Evil Empire.

He is involved in the Popular Movement for the change of electoral law (Ruch na rzecz JOW) into majoritarian system in Poland.

He was born in a city that has a history of three cultures. Unique atmosphere of this place ingrained in him an interest in wealth of different cultures. His favorite corner of the globe is Jerusalem. A city that “has left a mark on his soul”. He likes wild nature, especially exotic plants. He is newly married with his chosen one whose family and cultural roots are linked to one of the greatest nations in the world.

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