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Was the collapse of the Evil Empire in God’s plan? This is why in that era such figures as John Paul II and Ronald Reagan appeared on the political arena, argues Tomasz Pompowski in his book Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła (God’s Army vs Evil Empire) . This is true about many others such as the Reagan administration officials, AFL-CIO activistis, the Vatican diplomats and the Christian missionaries, who believed that God was going to intervene in world history using these people at that time. All of them were reminiscent of the Old Testament prophets: they understood the present events in their historical context. “I think it is important to emphasize that His Holiness John Paul II and president Ronald Reagan realized that only God could bring change in this complex political circumstances. These changes were one of the most visible signs of God’s intervention in our time. I wanted to look at these events through the prism of faith – stated Pompowski.

Reagan’s administration efforts and its allies

A journalist’s view of the struggle in the last decade of the Cold War. Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła (God’s Army vs Evil Empire) is a personal but not an egocentric account about how the author has come to understand the common effort of some American conservatives, some members of president Reagan’s administration, christian missionaries, Blessed Holy Father John Paul II and certain Vatican diplomats as well as some underground Solidarity leaders to weaken Soviet Empire. He writes with gratitude and admiration. He retells their stories putting them into the spiritual, cultural and historical background. Pompowski tells about the Soviet strategic goals of their foreign policy during the  1980’s. He shows that the Kremlin’s first secretaries from Brezhnev to Gorbachev did not intend to make any compromise with the West. They attemped to control damage of the Communist system.

The book shows how crucial was the work of the organizations and institutions such as Committee for the Free World, Commentary, National Endowment for Democracy, AFL-CIO, Survey, and others, for telling the truth about Cold War struggle.

Spiritual atmosphere in Europe during the 80’s

Author puts the Cold War struggle into the Christian context. He shows that God chose these politicians, events and times. He also documents that while President Ronald Reagan was trying to end Cold War peacefully there was a great religious renewal in Europe. In particular five communities and organizations, the Light-Life Movement led by Father Franciszek Blachnicki, the Taize community led by Brother Roger, Campus Crusade for Christ of Dr Bill Bright, A Lausanne Movement of Rev. Billy Graham and Christian Renewal in Holy Spirit led by Sister Kim Kolins, prepared spiritual atmosphere for freedom. These movements influenced millions of Poles who quietly agreed for negotiated freedom. People’s faith in God prevented the bloody revolution. After 1989 the Blessed Holy Father John Paul II acknowledged their role in bringing changes.

Brother Roger of Taize meets John Paul II

Pompowski also discusses role of Christian philosopher Dr Francis Schaeffer in shaping of some Solidarity activist’s as well as many other Poles’ way of thinking. One of Dr Schaeffer’s books was published by the underground publisher.

American and Israeli support for Solidarity

Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła (God’s Army vs Evil Empire) emphasizes John Paul II’s empathy towards Jewish people and his strong condemnation of antisemitism. Author explains exceptionality of Jerusalem. He also reminds about foreign minister Yitzhak Shamir’s speech in the support of Solidarność and Poland in 1982.

Revealing, original, surprising, fresh, well-written and sensational at times Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła (God’s Army vs Evil Empire) is a must for understanding of true history of Communism’s fall. The author, who is first and foremost a journalist, identified and explained often ignored causes of the victory over the red forces of evil in the 1980’s. He dares to ask difficult questions and he answers them without any fear. He concludes, that the events which took place during the 1980’s was one of the most visible signs of God’s intervention in world history.

The last decade of Cold War struggle retold by the witnesses and political actors

Pompowski research for  Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła (God’s Army vs Evil Empire) made dozens of interviews with the most important heroes of these times, from Judge Clarke to other the Reagan’s administration officials to Solidarity leaders as late Anna Walentynowicz to the Russian dissidents as Oleg Kalugin and Oleg Gordievsky and the John Paul II co-workers such as the late Cardinal Andrzej Maria Deskur and the late archbishop  Pavol Hnilica. Pompowski in his book also reveals unknown documents from the state and private archives in America and Europe.

In Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła (God’s Army vs Evil Empire) Pompowski describes the efforts of politicians, clergy and people of free will who as Catholic, Protestants or Jews and are playing an important role in the  world political arena, were convinced that the source of their strength is God.

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