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More than century ago President Reagan was born

February 6, 2012

One hundred and one years ago, on this day, February 9th, president Ronald Reagan was born.

Here is one of my favorite quotes of his:

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit”

He was born in the apartment in Tampico, Il. (photo)

Ronald Reagan would discern important matters from trivial ones. He had courage to talk loudly about the historical facts that were highly unpopular at that time among politicians.

Here is example of  Ronald Reagan’s program from November 1976:

Not all memories are pleasant but we shouldn’t put the unpleasant ones out of our mind. At least not all of them. 

In a tiny cemetery Gunnersbury Eng. on Sept. 18 7000 people from all over the world gathered for the unveiling of a monument.

It is a  21 ft. pyramid bearing the inscription “Katyn 1940” and a carved Polish eagle with a crowned barbed wire. Katyn is a name we should all remember. (…) It is dedicated to 14500 Polish officers… a mass grave was found in the Katyn forest. (…)It contained the bodies of forty five hundred those Polish officers who had been executed and buried there. What of other 10 000? It is believed they were put on barges that were towed out into icy arctic waters and sunk drowning all on board.

(…) The 14500 officers had been captured by the Russians and murdered – in 1940. (…)

The selection of Gunnersbury cemetery is interesting sidelight on relations between the free world and Soviet U. (…)

(Full text of text of this radio program is available here)

Enjoy a beautiful video – tribute to him.

To commemorate this day I also published an excerpt from my book in English. Enjoy.


Excerpt from God’s Army vs Evil Empire

Introduction by Peter Schweitzer

We have always known that Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan played a crucial part in the disassembling of Soviet empire. But this is one of the first books which shows how crucial that part was.

There were so many people whom God called into the mission of encouraging freedom in Eastern Europe and Soviet Union, from Anna Walentynowicz to Fr Franciszek Blachnicki, to Judge Clark and Bill Bright, to cardinal Andrzej Maria Deskur and archbishop Paul Marcinkus, leaving their legacy in changed lives of millions. And until European politicians remained indifferent, they served in ways that many could have imagined, risking their lives, carriers and reputations. Many were targeted by Soviets and faced vicious media campaigns and terrorist attacks, others faced subversion by communists agents. Many of them faced loneliness and some had made agonising decisions and choices that were sacrificial. Ronald Reagan and John Paul II understood well that unless the Gospel is preached and Bible is studied, political freedom cannot be won. All of them were called by Christ in extreme conditions, which few could have imagined.

Tomasz Pompowski shows us that people who served God in the polical, social and religious arena during the period covered by thsi book fitted no stereotype. Both, married and consecrated, they came from different backgrounds with different gifts and abilities and wide range of personalities. He tells their stories in detail putting them into well researched background. We read about struggles of John Paul II and his diplomats to sustain spirit of freedom in underground Chruch behind the Iron Curtain. We learn about the efforts of anticommunist activists from American unions who devoted years of their lives to serve workers in Poland. We follow events after the assassination attempt on His Holiness, learning about disinformation and subversive strategies to defame Him and his amazing co-workers. We discover unknown facts about one of the most faithful and trusted John Paul’s collaborants, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, whom Soviet propaganda ceased not to persecute even after the breakdown of Evil Empire. We meet president Reagan, man of deep faith and trust to God making uneasy and crucial decisions in the right time and right place. . We admire Judge Clark, Roger Robinson, Norman Bailey, Caspar Weinberger, William Wilson and many others whose actions to weaken Soviet Empire are known by few. We learn about the impact of Fr Blachnicki of Light Life Movement, Rev Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ and Fr Roger of Taize community, who together with John Paul II prepared spiritual atmosphere for the victory.

It is important that the story of Christian polticians and ministers contribution to the breakdown of Evil Empire should be told that way. In the climate that people find very concept of Christianity in public realm politically incorrect, we can very easily lose our history unless it is told accurately wi
th sympathetic insight. We can also forget what faithful obedience to Christ has cost so many of his disciples, and can shrug off their commitment and sacrifice. This book does not let us to do it. Tomasz Pompowski’s work is one of the faithfulness, gratitude and compassion. He understands what struggle with Evil Empire has been and is about, and can write with respect and love.

In drawing us into lives and actions of those who served God in the decisive times of Cold War, Tomasz tells a powerful story and offers a powerful challenge. We meet on this pages of this book ordinary people of extraordinary faith and tenacity. And when we look at the post Cold War today, we can give thanks to those who gave no less than everything for the sake of freedom through faith.


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