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Reagan mobilized his prominent friends to support Solidarnosc and to fight for freedom in Europe

January 31, 2012

Polacy mieszkający w Waszyngtonie przygotowali tę akcję. Ale “Let Poland Be Poland” nie byłoby możliwe bez zaangażowania Białego Domu. I kontaktów prezydenta Ronalda Reagana i jego żony Nancy. To oni zaprosili by w obronie Polaków i Solidarności zaśpiewał Frank Sinatra… po polsku. O tej i innych inicjatywach wspieranych przez część administracji prezydenta piszę w “Armia Boga kontra Imperium Zła“.


In December 13th, 1981, the Communist regime attacked Solidarnosc in Poland, a popular movement for freedom motivated on the foundation of Judeo-Christian principles. As a result of this crackdown,  hundreds of thousands of Poles were forced to immigrate. Others were placed in the concentration camps.

At that time in Washington, President Ronald Reagan made unprecedented economic, military decisions and other types of initiatives to help the Poles. His White House staffers and other presidential administration members together with the Poles also launched a show “Let Poland be Poland” on national television. Thanks to the private contacts of President Reagan and his wife Nancy, the show was supported by artists such as Henry Fonda, Charleton Heston, Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra. I elaborate in my book on this and the other Reagan initiatives in support of freedom behind the Iron Curtain. Enjoy Frank Sinatra singing also in…Polish in this remarkable show:


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