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Reagan remembered. He never forgot about the people behind the Iron Curtain

January 30, 2012

In my book “God’s Army vs. Evil Empire” I quoted former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s memoir. Lee Kuan Yew wrote, that Ronald Reagan while visiting him as California’s governor stated that during the Berlin blockade, the United States should have confronted Russians with tanks and demanded that road to Berlin to be open. If they did not open the road, then war. Reagan could not understand how Western politicians could have agreed with the Soviets dictate.

President Ronald Reagan visited Checkpoint Charlie at the Berlin Wall during his visit to Germany in 1982. President tried to connect with the Eastern Berliners watching him from the other side of the Wall. Reagan never forgot them and other Eastern Europeans.  In 1989, thanks to his policy of diverting the United States and the rest of the West from the containment into the process of disassembling the Soviet Empire, Poland received its freedom.


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