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Nuclear freeze? Arms reduction?

January 25, 2012

“I would agree for freeze if we could only freeze Soviet global desires” – one can admit that this sentence is still relevant today. It can be paraphrazed as, for instance: “Arms reduction? If we could only reduce Russian regime aspirations”.

Unfortunately one lives in an unrealistic world  if  he believes that two decades after this speech Russia ceased to be enemy of the West. This rogue state has been hostile towards NATO countries since its conception.

Blind and unwise politicians who steer their countries towards Russia will sink them like Titanic. Unless someone will change the course. Like Reagan did.

As a Pole, having a tragic historical experience of my country neigbouring with Russia/Soviets, I am emphasizing in my book “God’s Army vs Evil Empire” that Reagan’s policy peace through strength in contacts with Kremlin is the only option.


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